Teaching Your Children to Navigate Change 
​Two of the biggest fears human beings have are fear of change and fear of the unknown.  Both of these come into play for children when there are changes at home (new family members, moving, change in family situation, illness of a family member), at school and with their friends.  What both of these fears have in common is a lack of control.  While change can be unsettling, it isn’t always bad.  Children learn to deal with change by watching their parents and other influential adults (extended family, teachers).  Much of the stress associated with change can be greatly reduced by changing the thoughts around change.  This seminar provides practical and useful tools and techniques to adopt a more adaptive and resilient mindset.  As a result, parents can show their children how to move from surviving to thriving in times of change.

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Personal Development - Parents

Conscious Parenting
Parenting has changed dramatically over the past few decades.  It is the most challenging, and yet can be the most rewarding job there is.  Children don’t come with instruction manuals, and it certainly isn’t easy to parent in this busy, plugged-in world we live in.  Today’s parents are experiencing demands from multiple sources - work, kids, aging parents, friends and endless to-do lists.  Conscious parenting is parenting with presence (support and structure) and awareness. Parenting is a growth process and our children are our greatest teachers.  A parent’s own awareness and calmness and ability to respond rather than react to stressful situations is fundamental to raising conscious, confident and caring children.  

Supporting Your Child/Teen in Finding Their Authentic Path
​When parents are asked what they want most for their children, one of the answers that is consistently at the top of the list is - I want them to be happy.  There are many factors that contribute to happiness, but one of the surest ways for our children to be happy is for them to live an authentic life.  That means being who they truly are and living a life that is true for them.  As parents, we walk with our children as they discover who they are, what they value and what their passions are.  Through real life examples and practical tools and techniques, this seminar teaches parents how to guide and support their children in finding and following their own path.  A sample of topics include helping them to listen to their own internal guidance system, teaching them to disconnect to reconnect to themselves, encouraging their participation in activities that light them up, and above all, accepting them for who they truly are.