Moving from Surviving to Thriving in Times of Change
​​Two of the biggest fears human beings have are fear of change and fear of the unknown.  Both of these come into play when there is a change in our professional life (reorganizations, downsizing, new bosses, co-workers and procedures) or in our home life (new life stages, moving, death, divorce or disease).  What both of these fears have in common is a lack of control.  While change can be unsettling, it isn’t always bad.  Much of the stress associated with change can be greatly reduced by changing our thoughts about it.  This seminar provides practical and useful tools and techniques to adopt a more adaptive and resilient mindset.  You can move from surviving to thriving in times of change and live a healthier and happier life.  

Whose Life Are You Living Anyway?
Do you ever feel like your life just kind of "happened" to you?  Did you end up in a job that turned into a long-time career, but doesn't really fit who you are?  Sometimes we have taken the route "expected of us" rather than the route that "felt right to us".  The significant people and influencers in your life may have had a great impact on your decisions, but they don't know who you are at your core - only you do!  The truth is that many people spend more time planning their summer vacation than they do planning their life.  This seminar explains what living an authentic life is, and how to get from where you are now to living a life that reflects who you really are.

Do You Have Floppy Boundaries?
Personal boundaries are what keep you safe and healthy.  We teach people how to treat us, and when we have floppy boundaries, we allow people to take advantage of us.  This seminar talks about the importance of strengthening  boundaries and how to do that in a step by step process.  It takes patience with yourself, and practice with others to learn that "no can be a complete sentence". 

Kick That People Pleaser to the Curb!
People pleasing can be very hazardous to your health!  If you have been raised as a serial people pleaser and are tired of pleasing everyone but yourself, this seminar will help you understand what underlies this tendency, why it is important to kick the habit and how to start stop saying "yes" when you really mean "no".  Your health and your soul will thank you for it!

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Self Care is a Requirement, Not a Luxury
Somewhere along the line, society has conditioned us to think that if we take time to care for ourselves, we are being selfish.  As a result of this conditioning, we have become a society of stressed-out, burned-out, sick and unhappy people who are all doing what we have been taught was "right".  While the "good girl" or "good guy" who puts everyone else before themselves appears noble and unselfish, the truth is that prolonged periods of doing so will suck the life right out of you.  If you want to live a healthy, well-balanced, happy life, you need to start making your own needs a priority.  When we care for ourselves deeply and deliberately, we naturally begin to care for others - our families, our friends, our customers and the world - in a healthier and more effective way.  This seminar will show you how to create a self care revolution in your life so that you can live with more peace and joy.  

We Are Human Beings Not Human Doings
In this busy world we live in, people are juggling a multitude of priorities - work, children, elder parents, community work and are bombarded with millions of pieces of information each day.  The never-ending "to do" list leaves people feeling exhausted, resentful and burnt out.  This topic explores how to transform yourself from a serial "do"er to a human "be"ing, who can live a life worth living. 

People Live From Their Perceptions
People's perceptions are created by their individual interpretation of events, as seen through the filter of their life experience and beliefs.  Our perceptions paint our personal reality.  For example, when something changes suddenly in your life, you can perceive it as good or bad.  If you perceive it as bad, you may be gripped with fear and paralyzed from moving forward.  However, if you perceive it as good, you can face the future filled with the excitement of new possibilities.  This seminar teaches you all about perceptions, how you can change them, and, as a result, change the trajectory and quality of your life!  

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Personal Development - Adults

Colour Your Way to an Authentic Life 

One of the best ways to ensure a happy life is to be living an authentic one.  Living an authentic life means living a life that is true for you.  This workshop allows participants to devote time to themselves, learn the benefits of creating an intentional, authentic life and use adult colouring as the fun way to get clear on what your authentic life looks like.  

Overcoming the Paralysis of Perfectionism
Perfectionism is a learned condition and it is an addiction.  It is an addiction to control and is underpinned by fear…of making a mistake, of looking silly, of disappointing people.  The reality is that if you are human, you are reaching for a condition that you cannot attain.  Your perfectionistic tendencies are most likely robbing you of your health, peace of mind and joy.  This seminar will teach you how to shake off those perfectionistic shackles with baby steps, and learn to live with more freedom and peace!