Self-Care is a Requirement, Not a Luxury
Self-care is essential for creating an amazing life.  You can only become your "best self" when you ensure that you take care of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.  This seminar covers these 4 main aspects of your well-being and provides teens with the tools and techniques to live healthy, well-balanced and happy lives.  

Lessons for Living an Authentic Life 
Living an authentic life is being who you truly are and living a life that is true for you.  Living authentically leads to happiness.  This seminar outlines a process for finding your authentic path.  A sample of topics include learning to listen to your own internal guidance system, the art of disconnecting to reconnect to yourself, finding your joy and loving and accepting who you truly are.    

Life Planning 101
The truth is that most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning their life.  If you want to live a life by design rather than a life by default, the first step is to look at all aspects of your life (family, career, money, relationships, leisure etc) and decide what you want your future life to look like.  This seminar takes teens through a process of looking at their values, determining and setting a vision and then creating a life map. The result, a plan that will propel teens forward to the achievement of their intentional, authentic life. 

Personal Leadership for Teens

The first step in developing leadership skills is to learn to effectively lead yourself.  This workshop outlines the key principles of personal leadership and leads teens through a self-assessment.  Topics in personal leadership include responsibility and accountability, values, authenticity, integrity, resiliency, mindfulness and key success habits. ​

Success Principles You Didn't Learn in School
Each person's definition of success is different.  Mindset, values and habits are crucial.  This seminar will outline the key success principles as well as a step by step process for determining each teen's definition of success and the roadmap to getting there.  From finding your inner Tigger to having an attitude of gratitude and creating joy lists, this seminar looks at success from a very different perspective!      

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Life Skills Boot Camp
There are a lot of things that life can throw at you and there are a lot of skills required to live a successful life.  This seminar covers a multitude of topics from creating a strong personal foundation to communication and relationships basics, personal finance principles, life-planning and goal-setting, and self-care and finding balance.  

Career Skills Boot Camp
It isn't all about what you know or what your credentials are.  This is a crash course in how to successfully present yourself to volunteer organizations and/or potential employers.  From identifying your unique gifts and talents, to mapping out your career-building strategy, to the traits that organizations value most, we will cover the full spectrum.  Learn how to set yourself apart and set yourself up for a successful career.      

Rockin' Relationships​ 
This seminar outlines the key factors that create strong relationships, as well as how the rate of technological change and the meteoric rise of social media have impacted how people interact with each other.  It covers the perks and pitfalls associated with the various forms of communication (person to person, e-mail, texting, social media) and how to ensure that your connections with friends and family are rock solid.  After all, life is a journey best taken with others. 

​Other topics are also available and custom talks or training can be created.  Please contact me at for further topic ideas, information, pricing and availability.  

Skills for Thriving Rather Than Surviving at College/University
What may have worked for you in high school may not work for you in your post-secondary life!  With the cost of post-secondary education and a first year drop out rate anywhere from 10 to 20%, it is imperative that students heading off to post-secondary school understand what it takes to be successful.  That means hitting first semester armed with key success strategies like a personal time management system, knowing your own strengths and limitations, knowing when and who to ask for help and how to keep a balanced life.  This seminar will allow students to create these custom tools so that they can hit the ground running in first year, and create an amazing start to their post-secondary life.

The Art of Leadership​
Leaders are not born, they are made.  Even though some people are more naturally gifted with respect to leadership, everyone can learn to be a strong leader.  Leadership is influence and people follow leaders who inspire them and who they believe in.  To become a leader worth following, participants will learn key leadership skills such as decision-making, creative problem-solving, visioning, goal-setting, effective communication and relationship management. These leadership principles are useful and can be applied to all aspects of a teen's life (family, volunteer, career).

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